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Two Hands Weapons Workshop

On Sunday February 26th, we will be running a training workshop dedicated to two-handed weapon configurations. This includes double stick (matched pair), stick and dagger (unmatched pair), and longstick (two-handed). The bulk of the workshop will focus on technical drills (ie. siniwalis, flow drills, applications). However, there will also be some light sparring. The cost of this workshop is 50 GBP paid via Paypal: For more information, please go to the "Where to Train" section on the website.

1-to-1 Fundamentals Package now available

2017's training schedule is now underway, and we have already received messages from new and prospective students asking for a more intensive training package to help them establish a firm base in Filipino Martial Arts. With this in mind, we have built a training package comprised of 4x 1 hour sessions (spread over a 2-4 week period depending on preference), that will give students a comprehensive introduction to the Rapid Arnis system, at a significantly reduced price. This package covers the basic fundamental skills and drills needed to start the Rapid Arnis system. It includes solo and partner drills with stick, and basic empty hand striking and grappling. This option is perfect for stude

Jesus Moya comes to London

On Sunday January 22nd, Guru Jesús Moya will be delivering a masterclass in Applied Panantukan (Filipino empty-hand striking), specially tailored for MMA - including the destructive arts of Suntukan and Dumog (grappling). The aim of the session is to showcase the benefits of crosstraining in FMA, with its unique flow and footwork. Urban Warriors Academy Arch 12 Miles St London SW8 1RZ Cost: 55.00 GBP

Tube strikes = class cancellation

Due to tube strikes today (09-01-2017), the class at Russell Square will be cancelled. All other classes this week will run as normal.

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