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Corto Workshop April 15th

A huge thanks to all who attended the Corto Workshop on April 15th. We covered close quarter single-stick and pangamot (fist fighting), with drills, applications, impact training and sparring. This was the first of three one-day guest workshops with Pat O'Malley in 2018. The next one will be coming in July/August, so stay turned!

2018 Q1 Grading results and social

Well, that brings us to the end of a brilliant Q1, 2018. Months of hard work culminating in a lively social (see pics), and a gruelling senior grading. A huge thanks to Lennart and Ricky for taking on the role of Assessors, and James Dismore for leading the panel as Head Assessor. Congratulations to the following students who have successfully graded this quarter, and are making great progress through the Rapid Arnis system:- David Capurro - Brown 1 Breigh Sonnier - Blue 1 Thomas Alexander Fletcher - Blue 1 Teresa Kang Fletcher - Blue 1 Paige Wood-Ford - Blue 1 Adrian Boyd - Blue 1 Ali Chisholm-Bunting - Blue 1 Charles Dobbing - Blue 1 Asiya Qureshi - Green Smiley Yearwood - Green

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