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New class times and venue changes

The London Bridge class has moved to the KCLSU building nearby, Activity Room 2. Class times are still Tuesday 7pm-9pm. The Vauxhall class (Saturday) has altered its times so that the weapons class is now 1.30pm-3pm. The empty hands class is still 3pm-4.30pm.

Sand is running out...

A sand bag with a hole in it. Picture it… the sand slowly running out. That’s life. You only have so much. This was something Dan John used to suggest how to make training in a gym environment more effective and focused. The same is true for Martial Arts: We’ve all had a class or instructor or session with too much talk; too much warm up; too much whatever. In the end you walk out feeling it was a waste. Too much sand poorly spent. Recently becoming a dad has made me realise I have less sand than before, and more to do. The relevance to this is when I train now I demand it is time well spent - it is so much more precious to me to get time to swing a stick. It should not, however, require a

2017 Review and Highlights

It's the end of another terrific year for London Arnis. With new classes in Vauxhall, Edgware, and London Bridge now open, our students have never been so spoiled for choice. We've also had a number of promising new juniors smashing through the system, as well as a number of senior students preparing for their blackbelts next year. The social scene has been a blast too, with regular get-togethers, joint workshops, guest instructors, and an absolutely out-of-this-world summercamp down in Torquay. Definitely a "work hard, play hard" year for the whole Rapid Arnis family - underpinned, naturally, with that trademark Rapid Arnis banter. Special thanks to Anil, Jesus and (of course) Pat for comin

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