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Summercamp 2024 - results and highlights

The dust has settled from the 2024 Rapid Arnis summercamp and now it's time to congratulate our latest set of graduates and enjoy some highlights reels! A huge thanks - as always - to Impact Gym for hosting us, and the instructor panel for their expert guidance.

Congratulations to the following on their successful gradings and promotions:-

Jakub Turanyi - 2nd Degree Sr Instructor

Karen Fowler - Black

Daniel Gregory - Brown 1

Matt Radford - Brown 1

Derrick Harriott - Brown 1

Mark Kay - Brown 1

Clement Rispal - Brown 1

Peter Pokoradi - Brown 1

Rob Jones - Brown 1

Tristan Canning - Blue 1

Austeja Stasiulyte - Blue 1

Robert Donnelly - Blue 1

Megan Ponomarenko - Blue 1


Pat O'Malley

Andrew Janson

Paul Murray

Kam Dhiman

James Dismore

Paul Starrs

Lennart Wallgren

Jakub Turanyi

Workshop highlights:


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