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June 25th: Intensive program

London Arnis news: We now have an intensive training package ready to roll out from June this year. Students enrolled in this will have access to one 4-hour workshop per month, all regular weekly classes (at no additional cost), and a significantly discounted rate on personal tuition. The course has regular testing and revision sessions scheduled throughout, and is supported by a full written curriculum and workshop notes. The full course is 3 years, with students able to join at year 2 and 3 if they have already meet/exceeded the previous years' technical standards (such applications are subject to approval). Once the course is complete and examinations passed, students will be eligible for the instructor assessment, and on completion of this, will be invited to join the London Arnis instructor team. Total cost is 900.00 GBP per year, paid in 3 instalments of 300.00 GBP. Module 1 is set to roll out on June 25th, meaning that interested parties will have until May 25th to register.

Please contact me via FB or if you would like to join. Andrew Janson 

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