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Pat O'Malley Seminar, July 23rd

Pat O'Malley, Chief Instructor of Rapid Arnis International, will be delivering an interactive seminar introducing guests to the Rapid Arnis system as a whole - taking a tour through its main defining features, influences, and historical development. From its original inception in 1993, Rapid Arnis has seen an evolution in material, delivery, and practice that have led to the program that is delivered today. What was the system originally founded on? Who were the main influencers? Why were certain changes made? These questions and more will be answered at this seminar.

Topics covered: "The origins of the system" "Access, competition, and politics" "Rapid Arnis through the 90s" "Taking Crossada from technique to principal" "Kuntao: The movement of Rapid Arnis" "Rapid Arnis 2000" "Stick and dagger" "The Filipino connection" "Rapid Arnis today and beyond"

For more information, please take a look at the special events section under "Where to Train."

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