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London Arnis News

Russell Square news: Congratulations to newcomer Jack Myers on passing his Yellow belt grading. Also, a huge congratulations to Tarek Grant for winning a scholarship with London Arnis. We see a lot of potential in this promising young man, and are glad to offer a partial sponsorship to help further his journey to becoming a member of the instructor team. Watch this space! After some turbulence through June and July with regards room bookings for our Russell Square classes, we are pleased to announce that we are now officially back in Room L67 as normal. With the exception of Bank holidays, all classes will continue to run on Monday and Thursday evenings, 7pm-9pm. New Vauxhall club now open: Senior Instructor James Dismore will be teaching a Rapid Arnis class on Saturday afternoons: 3pm-4.30pm for empty hand, and 4.30pm-6pm for weapons. Please see the "Where to Train" section of our website for more details. Monthly workshops in Edgware: The London Arnis team will now be delivering 4-hour intensive training workshops in Edgware. Dates, location, and content details can be found on the "Where to Train" section, along with a contact button for Omar, the training group leader and host. Patches and T-shirts now available: Our website has a new "Shop" section where you will be able to order products and merchandise. So far we only have velcro patches and club T-shirts available, but we will be adding more items in the future. Stay tuned! Rapid Arnis website reboot: The new Rapid Arnis International website is up and running. If you would like to find out more about the system, the instructors, and the founder, please take a look at the new website HERE.

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